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Book Reviews
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The Dark Tower Series
by Stephen King

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This entire series was amazing. It was the first book series that I read through and completed fully. For most book series, I reach the second book and give up because the plot is easy to read and the ending is predictable. That is not the case for the Dark Tower series. It has multiple genres all smashed into one, and there are many unpredictable things. Not the kind of unpredictable where it doesn't make sense though, they all come full-circle. It is a great read, I highly recommend it (however, age permissions apply).

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes
by Suzanne Collins

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Maybe it's that I just finished rewatching the Hunger Games movies (and rereading the end of the last one to check on differences between book and movie when I hadn't seen movie in 5 years or read book in like 10 so the details were fuzzy). Mostly, I think that in the current mess of a world we live in, I find myself reaching for the dystopian lit. I was afraid I'd somehow feel sorry for Snow in this novel. I don't. It's the rest of the characters around him that I feel for, particularly Tigris and Sejanus. I want to hear Tigris' story. I also appreciated (though my cat did not because I keep singing it) learning the history of "The Hanging Tree" song. And I find it hilarious that there is a character named Hilarious.

The Road Back To You
by Ian Cron The Road Back To You

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Insightful and humorous

High Time for Heroes
by Mary Pope Osborne

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It was exciting and a little scary because Jack&Annie got hurt.

Searcher of the DeadSearcher of the Dead
by Nancy Herriman

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Well-written, exciting tale about a widow who tries to escape the pain of her husband's murder only to have to cope with the death of her brother-in-law. Elizabethan-era independent woman bucks society and lawmakers to prove in-law's death is murder and not suicide. Bess annoys then helps an honest constable. Nice descriptions of period dress and customs, and very atmospheric environment. A real page-turner!

Its Ok To Be Different Book
by Todd Parr

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It’s ok to have a pet worm and be different from everyone else.

Miss Blake Is A Flake
by Dan Gutman

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This book was funny & crazy.

The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool
by Margaret Gray

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I read this to my girls in a couple of nights. It’s the story of a princess who was born ugly got some funny parts

The Storm Sister
by Lucinda Riley

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I’m thoroughly enjoying this series. I’m liking how actual cultural history is woven into the story line.

Someone To Remember
by Mary Balogh

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Vanilla tale about an almost senior lady spinster re-connecting with a love from nearly 40 years ago. Not too exciting reading, and run-of-the-mill story line.

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